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All about the people that make the site and how to be the people that make this site...

Staff openings

Starsite is always looking for staff.
What we're looking for are guys that dedicate to creating content for the site. We're taking about, for example, about regular map makers that you'd like to upload their creations. Or compulsive players wich desiere to show their best replays with certain regularity.
Other examples: People who write strategies, articles, notes regarding Starcraft. Also, people who would like to gather news regarding the sc world.
The vacancies that are offered are:

-Replay senders
-Maps senders
-News publishers
-Articles publishers
We may accept people that would like to dedicate to other areas not mentioned above, as long as the content created is of interest to us and to the public. You only have to contact Webmaster Volka and tell us your case :)

Some cualities we're specially interested in are:
* html and web programming knowledge
* Bilingual people (english, spanish)



-CeR: Global Admin.

-Xpectro: Super Mod.

-Aluqah: Moderator.

-Hawk: Moderator.

-dvsb: Clan StS zone moderator.


-Volka: Founder and webmaster of SS (StarSite, not Hittlers'). Though he's currently being forced to concentrate of his college career studies, he's omnipresent and sees it all... he's everywhere... and the force is with him. Global admin in the forum too.

-Testbug: He's in charge of the maps sections such as pro. He gives some oxygen to the site when it's needed ;)

-Zertaul: News publisher. From time to time he surprise us with some interesting news withing Blizzard's world.

-Light's LeadeR: Graphic designer. Posiblly MIA.

Several Others:

-Richan: Forum admnistrator. He's been since the beginning of the site. Unfortunately he's not very often around here.

- XtremDinosaur: In charge of the SSOTM section. He updates it so that there's exactly a screenshot per month...





Last revision: 06/24/17