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Story & Information

Story of the Campaign:

I've tried to follow the starcraft storyline,like a continuation of the real story of the Starcraft saga.Since sc2 doesn't seem to be coming soon,I'm doing it ;)

After Kerrigan's victory over the UED and over the Protoss and occurred the Dugalle's death, Kerrigan proclaims herself Queen of the Universe and savors the pleasure of the victory.
The remaining UED forces who still exists are decimated and weakened.Without the Admiral,many of the most important and well-ranked officers are trying to take the position left by the Admiral and Vice Admiral. The officials cannot come to an agreement and the UED separates in several forces. Now each one has its own leader and fleet.The tensions among the officials don't cease and that will take to the beginning of a great war among the fractional group.The war soon expands to different Terran associations , revolutionary groups, some sectors of the old confederation among others;The Civil War has begun.

In the other side,after the retake of Khoral,Arcturus Mengsk mobilizes all his troops to the planet and begins the reconstruction of his great empire. Mengsk and his men declared themselves neutral in the Civil War.
In a short period of time Mengsk reconstructs his magnificent empire,he controls an huge army, but he knows that his army is nothing compared to the numerous Kerrigan's broods,the greatest enemy.
He orders to bring back James Raynor.Raynor hears the Mengsk's proposal , he knows Mengsk is a bad person ,a bad company, but an alliance could be the only hope to defeat Kerrigan . The Protoss were formally invited to join The Alliance ,at the beginning Zeratul was reluctant to join in, but Raynor could convince him to join.The Alliance has been born. Now you, as 1st Captain of The Alliance's forces, will have to complete the missions that will be assigned and defeat Kerrigan forever!


The Revengers is available in both english and spanish. Thanks to Richan for translating the campaign!


The Campaign is finished and launched.
No further versions or updates are expected for now.


1. How many episodes does the Campaign have?

It has 8 episodes

2. What did you use to make it?

Basically,Staredit , although I used SCXE to make some things.

3. Do I need Starcraft:Brood war expansion set to play it?


4. Is there going to be a second part of The Revengers?

I would like to make a second part , but actually, I don't have time for it,so I don't think so.

5. Why did you make a campaign?

Because I wanted to continue the starcraft story.

6. How many episodes are already done?

All episodes!

7. Can I modify your campaign? Or at least use something of it?

First off, you can't change my maps since they're all protected (unless you're a sort of hacker!). You may not use anything of it without my consent.

8. Come on! I just found a bug and want to correct it!

If you find a bug, report it and I'll fix it.

9. Ok, then I just want to open a map to see the triggers!

Curious huh? Then e-mail and I'll discuss it.

10. I wanna help you improving your campaign, can I?

Well if you think you could really make the difference and help me with that, then contact me I'll talk about it.




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