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Episode name Description Difficulty Preview
Episode 1:
Return to Aiur
You will have to return to Aiur after all this time and retake the homeworld from the claws of the Zerg,who still wander there.Besides,you'll have to capture the unique War Gate that is still functional on Aiur,and that links Shakuras with the ruined Protoss homeworld. Easy Episode one map preview
Episode 2:
The Smeldra Assault
The Alliance has decided that,because you'll need abundant resources for future missions,you will have to go to Smledra, a sector on the planet Moria, focus of the terrible Terran Civil War. You received orders to don't attack,just mining the minerals The Alliance needs. Easy Episode two map preview
Episode 3:
The liberation of Carcade
Your recent participation in the Civil War has caused problems.An UED resistance force has somehow allied with a heavy Zerg brood that responds to Kerrigan's commands.They've settled on Carcade,Umoja. The Alliance fears that this force may attack the nearby colonies and cause serious problems. You will have to go there and exterminate these forces.You will find something unexpected there,Marah Kerrigan,the supposed sister of Sarah Kerrigan,she will join your task and combat along with you. Medium Episode three map preview
Episode 4:
The Crystals' Fight
Kerrigan's captured the Khalis,Uraj and Khaydarin crystals.The crystals are very dangerous in her hands.She can use them as a potent weapon.Kerrigan discovered how to channel the energies of the crystals together,with no need of a temple or anything.These energies can destroy entire forces with such a massive power.The Alliance wants you to retrieve the Crystals from the custody of Kerrigan,so they can avoid her to use the crystals' powers against the forces of The Alliance. Medium Episode four map preview
Episode 5:
The Cannon Core
Another of the powerful weapons that Kerrigan possesses is the Ion Cannon.This machine was in the past the primary Tarsonis' defense against air invasions.Raynor destroyed this artifact long ago,but Kerrigan has reconstructed it.Now the Cannon is her ace,it's incredibly powerful.The Ion Cannon was re adapted to attack both air and ground units in an extensive range.You will have to go to Kerrigan's platform over the planet Char and destroy the dangerous Ion Cannon.But you'll soon discoverer that the Ion Cannon is protected by a strong Zerg swarm and some Humans under the influence of Kerrigan,who are forced to make the Cannon work and defend it.Plus, there's a Protoss Fleet,which has allied with the Zergs,these Protoss come from Aiur,they're rebels Protoss that you must eliminate. Medium Episode five map preview
Episode 6:
The Kyasis operation
Marah Kerrigan has been sent to the surface of Char to investigate the Kerrigan's activity and the location of her broods.Marah discovered that her sister controls her broods with an Overmind and Cerebrates.It seems Kerrigan just can't control the entire swarm without help.The Overmind and the Cerebrates are slaves of Kerrigan,just like pets,she controls them,in fact,the Overmind and the Cerebrates seem to be dead,they don't have conscience.It's a mystery how did she created the Overmind and the Cerebrates.At any rate,you will have to go to the Kyasis valley,where the pets are,and kill them.Without the pets,Kerrigan will lose control of most of her broods.The area is surrounded by heavy Zerg force, but you will be able to control both Terran and Protoss fleets to make your endeavor less complicated. Hard Episode six map preview
Episode 7:
Kerrigan is weakened,she's escaped of you to where she still has some broods.You will go there,eliminate all the remaining broods and pursue her. But since the Overmind and the Cerebrates were killed, a renegade swarm is surrounding the area,be careful with these renegades Zergs,try to ignore them,but don't let them to destroy you! The battlefield where you will fight is an active volcanic zone of Char,through the landscape prevails small and incinerated islands.While the volcanic activity is a potential danger,it constantly produces new sources of minerals spots.For that reason this zone has abundant but small minerals spots,distributed in the islands,you shall take advantage of this. Hard Episode seven map preview
Episode 8:
Kerrigan's fall
Kerrigan,again,has escaped from you to an infested platform over Char.She has concentrated all her broods in that zone,hiding from you.The Alliance has mobilized most of their forces to that platform,with the objective of killing Kerrigan once and for all.Kerrigan's fall is really soon... Very hard Episode eight map preview




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