What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work







Arcturus Mengsk Mengsk has retaken control over Khoral,now his empire is the greatest Terran fortification in the sector.But he has a little strange behavior.
James Raynor Raynor has joined to The Alliance,he just couldn't be absent after he sworn revenge against Kerrigan.
Artanis This young Praetor has the necessary courage to be part of the Alliance,very important for the development of the campaign.
Zeratul The sage and powerful Zeratul,an old adversary of Kerrigan.
Marah Kerrigan The supposed Kerrigan's sister,character invented by me.
Infested Kerrigan Kerrigan,the Queen of Blades,she rules the universe,but not for so long,she will die once and for all.
Bhaeree Another character invented by me,he only participates once in the history,in the first episode;he is the leader of the Aiur's survivors.