What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work







Here you will find some stuff to add to your mods,such as grps and smks.

To properly open these files, you will need special programs. For the .grps(which are the graphics of the units or buildings) you need to use Retrogrp. And for the .smks(which are the animated,or not, portraits of the units) you need to use RAD video tools .

Name Description Preview
Starbase grp An unused grp,probably a beta terran building.
Infest grp The grp used to make infested buildings,you can use it,for example,for making a Factory seem infested.
Scout grp Here you go a little modified scout,well it's crappy,but what the hell...
Vulture grp A colored Vulture :)
Scout smk A great custom portrait of a Scout.I didn't make this portait,but I don't remember where I got it,so if you are the real owner of this portrait and you want to get your credit contact me!
Ghost smk Evil ghost portrait!
Vulture smk Custom portrait of a Vulture,again,it was not made by me( read above)
Lurker smk This was made by me,but it is not a full custom portrait,only a sequence of the Lurker portrait.
Biker smk The Biker's portrait,an unused unit of sc,it could have been a real unit in sc beta.Actually,it is not a real portrait,just an image,not animated,but you can use it as a portrait if you wish.
Ghost grp Modified version of the Ghost .grp,by ScGhst1
Spawning Pool grp Modified version of this Zerg building,by ScGhst1
Spider Mines grp The mines from the Spider Mines mod,by ScGhst1
Science Vessel grp A really interesting grp,replacing the conventional sc graph.By ScGhst1 Homepage:http://tgwp.no-ip.com/
Defiler Mound grp Great modification of this Zerg building.By ScGhst1
From here, the following .grps are property, totally or partially, of Euphonium_B.C. and were extracted from his website:http://ebc.homeunix.com/~ebc/index.html and showed here with his authorization.
Beer grp This grp may replace a gas orb by a glass of beer...cool
Miningplatform grp Interesting grp,hum...seems to be a beta building.
Robotics facility grp Great grp,it is nothing I've seen before,weird.
Red Starbase grp A modified grp of the original grp(above),it is red colored and it was flipped.
Cargo grp This is one of those units Blizzard never showed to us;it was in the beta version of sc.
Gunship grp Another unused unit. Sorta of a big ship.
Raider grp Next, more beta units. Maybe a Protoss unit,dunno, or a very advanced Terran ship.
Corsair grp Don't know what you think, but I believe it is slightly similar to the Valkyrie ;)
Cantina grp The Terran's Cantina!
Power Station grp Just a Power Station for you.




Last revision: 06/24/17