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Old Replays

In case you're looking for replays prior to 1.13

Note:Take into the account the supported version of starcraft the reps are since they might be showed as erroneous (aka fake replays) if you are not running that specific version of starcraft.


Replay name Description Size Supported version
Replay1 Good game TvsT,LT,lots of tanks. 122Kb 1.09
Replay2 Clever guy wins to 7 computers using Dark Templars. 70Kb 1.09
Replay3 Other guy wins to 7 computers on Hunters with Terran. 96Kb 1.09
Replay4 Good TZ against other TZ team. 81Kb 1.09
Replay5 Ally game,very equals. 106Kb 1.09
Replay6 Good Replay too. 93Kb 1.09
Replay7 Ally game Hunters,TP vs. TT. 73Kb 1.09
Replay8 Excellent replay on LT Zerg vs Protoss. 187Kb 1.09
Replay9 Terran vs Protoss on Space Madness. You can see in this replay a good Terran Tactic by litoffing Buildings. 24Kb 1.09
Replay10 A simple example of Tank Push on Lost Temple. 82Kb 1.09
Replay11 Terran vs Protoss on LT,with a great strategy of Tanks and Vultures. 123Kb 1.09
Replay12 Ally game,TZ vs ZP,the bad lings rush cost to one of the zergs the game. 80Kb 1.09
Replay13 The Drone Bug on Lost Temple(Yellow Zerg) 118Kb 1.09
Replay14 A good example of a Dark Templar Rush. 19Kb 1.09
Replay15 Notice the way the Zerg tricked the Terran by expanding and a good drop. 82Kb 1.09
Replay16 P vs T on The Hunters.A good example that shows how the Protoss neutralized the Terran's Tanks and won the match. 76Kb 1.09
Replay17 PvsZ,in this replay you will see what happens when you don't know how to make a Zerglings Rush,anyway,the Protoss won because he attacked intelligently the Zerg. 68Kb 1.09
Replay18 TvsP on Lost Temple.Another example of Tanks/Vultures strategy to defeat the Protoss. 129Kb 1.09
Replay19 PvsZ on Lost Temple.The Protoss always controlled very good the Zerg and ended winning the match. 116Kb 1.09
Replay Pack:SlayerS_'BoxeR' Boxer is considered by many people as the best BW player around the world. Here you have a pack with 4 (four) replays when the Terran gosu shows up.
Thanks to Sclegacy.com for the replays.
474Kb 1.10
Replay20 LT.Zerg rushed me and destroyed my Nexus. It was finished for me,but just for revenge I sent my workers and a couple of Zealots to his base. Almost killed him. 83Kb 1.11b
Replay21 LT 1vs1.Enemy attacked me early on the game and destroyed my base. But I was Terran so I lifted off and moved to an island. Poor guy what a mess heh. He finally defeated me using Recall spell. 89Kb 1.11b
Replay22 LT 2vs2. Allied Zerg defeated us easily. We didn't have any opportunity to win,just both were too bad. 104Kb 1.11b
Replay23 Me against 5 computers,melee on Crush Victory,one of my maps. It's no any merit to win to 5 computers on this map,and I lasted 1 hour to do it. Take into account I played at 1/2 of max power. Love Goliaths and those bluish clouds their missiles eject ^_^ 31Kb 1.11b
Replay24 Map LT 1vs1. Sent by Richan 87Kb 1.12b
Replay25 Map LT 1vs1. Sent by Richan 88Kb 1.12b




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