What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work








But don't expect to find nice and big mods here!

Note: If your current starcraft version and the indicated supported version don't match, the mod will "likely" crash!

Mod name Description Size Supported version
Nuclear Power! If you love Nuclears weapons,this mod is for you! 954Kb 1.11b
Super Reaver Aren't you sick of the slowness of the Reaver?So use this mod! 50Kb 1.13
Cargo Tank New unit! The Cargo Tank is the ground version of the Dropship. You can load your units inside this tank and move freely.
Of course,this mods brings up a lot of advantages to the Terrans...
1.18Mb 1.11b
Psionic Storm:Reloaded A much more powerful and better version of the Psi Storm spell... 204Kb 1.13
Spider Mines mod This mod will replace the conventional graph of the spider mines by one much better...
By ScGhst1
158Kb 1.13
Ghost's Mod
Mod by ScGhst1. It changes the graphs of many units and buildings (beta building and also modified .grps). Recommended if you're bored of the conventional starcraft look.
You can download it directly from his site:LINK or from Starsite:LINK
730Kb 1.13
Dragoon halo Experience a much more powerful version of the Dragoon's attack.
By Mordekay
94Kb 1.13
New horizons Custom of the space background. 98Kb 1.13
WooGold.zip All units now have shields and the Zerg are much more powerful. Plus, instead of minerals and gas, you've got trees and mine golds. Sounds familiar?
By ModMaker1993
350Kb 1.13




Last revision: 06/24/17