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Psionic Storm:Reloaded

[Updated on 20/09/04. It now works on v1.11b]

Any similarity of the title of this mod with the one of a hit movie is mere coincidence ;)
This conversion,it's very simple,like all my mods,but it's something different,at least.
It's a fact that the High Templar main spell,the Psi Storm is one of the more used spells,since it's extremely useful to kill eliminate enemies. Indeed this spell is very powerful. But...what would happen if the power of the psi storm is...increased?
Well,that is exactly what this mod does. The conventional Psi Storm is replaced by one much more powerful. To begin with,the spell has been...reloaded...so the psionic rays are fully charged and full of energy. That is enough to explain the reddish color of the storm and the increase of power (yep,it causes more damage!)Shows how the Psi Storm:Reloaded looks like
Besides, the psi storm sound has been changed. I've replaced the default sound by one of the Starcraft beta sounds. The new sound is pretty different,it sounds like an electric storm here on Earth would sound.
The storm is now able to damage buildings too,this couldn't before,because it only damaged units. Therefore,you can destroy an enemy by using entirely this spell.

These are the most important modifications, but there is more:

•The way the HT casts the storm is slightly different.
•The storm can be launched from a distant range,however,you can't use the spell too close of the HT that it's attempting to cast psi storm (there's a minimal range,like the Siege Tank,you understand) this will help to avoid suicides...
•The High Templar is quicker now ( little increase of velocity and acceleration)
•Significant increase of the splash of the storm.

Of course,some things never change...that's why the spell still costs 75 of energy and it must be researched at the Templar Archives firstly :)



Download it now!

It is an auto executable file,so just run it and enjoy!
There is only one thing that you'll look out,but I'm not totally sure.If you have in your starcraft folder the Sound folder(which probably it's there because you used the Sc sound utility program to extract the sounds) it may be that the mod might not replace the default sounds by the new sounds,for that reason,if you have this folder,move it to another place before running this mod.