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Mods-Nuclear Power!

[Updated on 20/09/04. It now works on v1.11b]

If you are one of those maniacs of the nuclear weapons,this mod is for you!

This mod changes the Terran Missile Turret by the Nuclear Station,this building is capable of firing Nuclear Warheads of 24 Megatons (I'm just inventing the number of course), with a total damage of 800 hit points and a considerable damage to the near enemy's units/buldings.The Nuclear Station still has the Longbolt missiles(renamed to Longhorn missiles) for anti-air defense,that causes a damage of 40 instead of 20
To Build the Nuclear Station,you'll need to build the Engineering Bay and the Armory,besides,its cost has been increased as well as its build time,and it need 4 of supply to be build.

Also,the Terran Valkyrie is now the F-22 Nuclear Bombardier.This ship is armed with lethal Nuclear missiles that can make a damage of 400 points in an huge radius.
In addition,the default Halo rockets have been replaced with new missiles that can make a damage of 12 (24 in total since they're two).
You'll need the Starport with attached Control Tower,the Armory and the Command center with attached Nuclear silo to build this ship.It cost has been increased,so has its build time.

And the last change is the Nuke,it is now more harmful,it can make a damage of 10000(yes,ten thousands!) hp in a enormous radius,the radiation is so lethal that it kill EVERYTHING,including your own units,so the Ghost becomes now a suicidal Ghost eh eh...

Download it now!


This mod now works on starcraft 1.11b,however,the setup is not as easy as it was before.
Read carefully and follow the instructions:

1. First of all,make a back-up of your Patch_rt.mpq file. You'll find it inside your starcraft folder. Copy it to another folder and keep it safe. You'll need this file.

2. Extract the Patch_rt.mpq included in the zip file and move it to your starcraft folder,replacing the original .mpq file.

3. Now extract the exe file,ensure you brood war cd is ready,and double click it to start the modded game. You can run the exe file from anywhere.

4. When you are finish with the mod,to play starcraft normally,copy the back-up of your Patch_rt.mpq and replace the file in the starcraft folder.
Remember,if you don't have a back-up of that file you'll have to reinstall starcraft.