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New Horizons

This mod is as simple as all my mods. I just made it to make a show off of this new modding tool, called SpaceEdit, that was released little time ago.
Basically,the program,which was created by Suicidial Insanity (creator of SCMDraft), lets you modify the space background that you see while playing space tileset maps. You can customize the stars,On the left the custom background vs the original background on the righttheir color and shape, their position,etc.
While the program is too new to be perfect, it's a really good addition to the starcraft modding world.

My mod is just a testing of how this tool works and what you can do with it.Anyway, the custom background is not as different as the original one, but if you're a more talented and patient guy, you could really make a good one ;)
I've included a void map along with the mod so that you can fully see the background and the changes.

Download it now!




Last revision: 06/24/17