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Mods-Cargo Tank

[Updated on 20/09/04. It now works on v1.11b]

This mod adds a new unit!.Well,actually,it does not. *Coughs* you can't really add new units to Starcraft...you can MODify the units of Starcraft.Indeed, the mod replaces the Siege Tank General Duke by the Cargo Tank. However, it can be taken as a new unit can't it?
Like its names says it,the Cargo Tank transports units.Sort of a Dropship,but in the ground.In fact, you can load and unload units just like the you do it with the Dropship.
You're surely thinking this can bring some trouble...well...actually, trouble is not the right word. Irregularities would be the correct word. Ahem...just imagine what you can't do with a Dropship but you can do it with a Cargo Tank...you guessed!
Above,a pic showing the location of the Cargo Tank icon together with the upgrades of the 'Machine Shop'. Below, a preview of the Cargo Tank. You take one of this bugs, and load two Cargo Tanks inside them(because only two fit inside) filled with Marines. What would be the result? Instead of carrying 8 Marines you can now transport 16 Marines. Yeesh! And so on! Behold the great capacity of compression of the Terrans
But you may say: "Why don't you make it so the Cargo Tank takes 8 places,so only one Cargo Tank can be loaded?" The answer is rather simple: I can do it,but heck,this mod wouldn't be fun!
Like I had said before, the unit is Duke indeed, but I have modified it.
First,since it wasn't necessary, I removed the Arclite Cannon,( yes,you can't attack with this unit huh!).Therefore,the unit's appearance is different( sort of a tank without the cannon :).Besides,you won't have to hear and see the disgusting of Duke,for I have changed his portrait by a more friendly Terran Civilian,so don't worry. The sounds are cool. Pay attention to them, some are not the custom sounds of the Civilian. I've extracted a few of them from the Terrans campaigns.

My favorite: Hey! Who's messing with the computers? Oh.

The official requirements to build a Cargo Tank are:

1. Machine Shop ( obviously, where do you think to build the unit of?)
2. Armorly
3. Starport with attached Control Tower
4. The cost per unit is of 200M 150G and it needs 3 of supply.

I haven't experienced problems or crashes while running the mod, so I suppose it will work fine.
Have Fun!

Download it now!

This mod now works on starcraft 1.11b,however,the setup is not as easy as it was before.
Read carefully and follow the instructions:
1. First of all,make a back-up of your Patch_rt.mpq file. You'll find it inside your starcraft folder. Copy it to another folder and keep it safe. You'll need this file.

2. Extract the Patch_rt.mpq included in the zip file and move it to your starcraft folder,replacing the original .mpq file.

3. Now extract the exe file,ensure you brood war sc is ready,and double click it to start the modded game. You can run the exe file from anywhere.

4. When you are finish with the mod,to play starcraft normally,copy the back-up of your Patch_rt.mpq and replace the file in the starcraft folder.
Remember,if you don't have a back-up of that file you'll forced to reinstall starcraft.

Also,there is only one thing that you'll have to look out,but I'm not totally sure.If you have in your starcraft folder the Sound folder(which probably it's there because you used the Sc sound utility program to extract the sounds) it may be that the mod might not replace the default sounds by the new sounds,for that reason,if you have this folder,move it to another place before running this mod.