What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work







In this section you will find miscellaneous stuff related sc.

Misc Description
Duke having sex with Kerrigan Sound file.Adults only ;D
Starcraft Quiz How much do you know about sc?Take a test and discover it!
The game of the differences You must find the differences between two images
What's your favorite race quiz This quiz will try to find out your favorite race of starcraft,you'll just have to answer certain questions...not very conventional
Starcraft Main Theme The sound that it is played every time you run starcraft.MP3 format.2.16Mb
What are you tired of? It's obvious that after so many years playing Starcraft you'll get tired of some typical things of StarCraft. Here's a list with a few of them.
The Zerg Control Pyramid A rustic but useful diagram that will show you the various Zergs power relationships.
StarCraft Screensaver Made by myself,using USSM. Nothing spectacular,but it's got pictures and sounds. 2.36 MB
12 days of Starcraft Remember that nifty christmas map Blizzard made time ago? Well here you go the sounds, the 12 days in a row. Don't go crazy! 1.88MB
Starcraft Shareware This is a sort of Starcraft demo I found in a CD-ROM. It's got four Terran missions.28MB




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