What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work






What are you tired of?

Don't you sometimes just get sick of certain things of StarCraft?
Well, here there are some examples...

...of the slowness of the Lurker to burrow?
...that all the Protoss units say "For Aiur" or "For Adun"?
...of the computing noises of the Terran lady Advisor?
...that the Medics start healing themselves and they can't be killed as easy as you wish?
...of the rotating world of the Terran layout?
...of the slowness of the Tank to switch between the modes?
...of the N00bs that flood the screen with "Player X has changed the game latency to the highest"?
...of the silly sound that is played when Staredit starts up?
...that,during a multiplayer game, the Terran enemy always tries to kill with his Marines our slow and poor explorer Overlord?
...that allies never do what you want them to do?
...of those who enters to a chat room and flood the screen with JOIN LOST TEMPLE2VS2 JOIN LOST TEMPLE2VS2 JOIN LOST TEMPLE2VS2 JOIN LOST TEMPLE2VS2 JOIN LOST TEMPLE2VS2 JOIN LOST TEMPLE2VS2 isn't it annoying? and incredibly stupid?
...of waiting till the energy bar of the High Templar recharges in order to use Psi Storms?
...of the hundreds of "Turret Defense" clones maps,that in essence are all the same, and that are all around the battle.net?
...of being clicking the button "Select Larva" until at last a larva decides to come out?
...of this stupid list...;)?




Last revision: 06/24/17