What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work






What's your favorite race?

You don't know what's your favorite race is?So take this quiz and you'll know it!
And if you know what is your favorite race it doesn't matter,take the quiz and then compare the results. Have fun...heheh
Clarification: The results are 100% accurate! No refunds!!
Java Script required!

1.Do you like Ice Cream?

Yes,I like it!
No,Ice cream is for babies and losers!
I can't eat ice Cream...

2.If you see I elderly woman go in to the Bus,and there's no more available sits,would you give the sit away to the old woman?

Yes,I wouldn't doubt!
No never,I hate old people!
Only if she asks for it.

3.You see somebody is being assaulted,would you help and try to stop the theft?

Yeah sure!I will kick the thief's ass!!
No...are you crazy?He may have a gun
Give me more details before proceeding
I'd eat that stupid robber!Grrr

4.How often do you take a shower?

More than 4 times a week
Twice a week
Once a week
Only once every 100 years

5.How many sisters/brothers do you have?

More than 6

6.Do you spam on forums?

Yeah It's great!muaha
Sometimes,I know it's bad
Nah...that's for morons.
Are you nuts?I've never spammed!

7.Are you are good at Biology?

Excellent.do you wanna proofs?I got an A+ in the last exam!
Pretty good,B
Fairly good,C+
I'll try to make an effort...E
I'm terrible at it...F

8.What do you thing about mentalists?

They're pure crap!
I'm not sure about their powers
I think they have some interesting skills
I wanna be a mentalist!they're fantastic!

9.Have you ever broken your leg?

Yeah,more times than I can remember.

10.What do you think about this Quiz?

Fantastic Volka,keep going!
Nice,funny,you win.teh volka ownz
You sucka Volka,horrible!!!




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