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Website/webpage Description Language
Staredit Inside SEN you'll find lots of UMS maps,excellent tutorials and such a helpful community. English
Starcraft Unleashed Spanish website. Nice portal with excellent content. Spanish
Clan XEN Maps,Replays,files and a sweet forum. English
Ghost Craft New Starcraft site with a good looking layout and diverse stuff. It also supports Diablo. English
Blizzard Official page of StarCraft English
Custom Creations My host. It's got content for Starcraft/Warcraft gaming. Maps,customs,tutorials,articles,sounds. Also, check out forums! English
Starcraft.org Excellent page with lots of information English
StarCraft Legacy Another good page, the main source of news about the Starcraft world, too bad it's flooded of banners. English
Campaign Creations Lots of campaigns,downloads,tutorials and other stuff. English
Camelot systems Official page of Camelot Systems,creator of many tools for sc,such as StarDraft.[Update:This page has died,R.I.P] English
The Sovereign Modding Empire This page will carry out the work begun by Camelot Systems. Currently, SME supports several projects for both Starcraft/Warcraft modding. English
Hellssite Homepage of teh HELLSS blek!
[Note:This page is currently down.]
Shadow Flare's Realm Main site of downloads from some sc third party programs,such as Scmtoolkit, Guedit and WinMPQ. English
Stormcoast Fortress Main page of SCXE,headed by General Mengsk and Suicidal Insanity English
Star Alliance SA,a well known site of the sc community leaded by Magic,with Maps,Mods Articles,forums,it does also have content of war3. English
Supreme Starcraft Another popular sc site,you will find here monthly maps,music,pics,you know,everything. English
Blizzplanet This site's content includes all Blizzard games:Diablo,Warcraft,Starcraft and even the Blizzard Arcade.Good information and style. English
Infoceptor Looking for something of Starcraft,Warcraft,Diablo?Then this is the place to find everything about these games. English
SA portraits You guessed,this site is from Star Alliance,it hosts many modified portraits and some custom portraits. English
Web Archive Not specially Starcraft related site,but this is an interesting site.Web Archive is an org that saves the most important web pages of the web periodically.Internet is very volatile and its content is always changing.You may have fun by visiting some old pages,such as the Blizzard site when they were developing Starcraft..lol English
Team Areola website This is the website of a Starcraft clan/team called Areola. Their website became very popular and it's got from strategies, to articles,maps and replays. English
Starcraft Bunker Website with news about tournaments,replays,VODs and maps. English
Creep Colony Creep Colony is back after around 2 years! His webmaster felt so nostalgic that decided to reopen this classic Starcraft gamming site. English
Legion Starcraft Website headed by Sir_Templar with general content about sc. Spanish
The Templar Archives Old SS affiliate. General content about sc. English
SC Invasion Stuff about Starcraft;Brood War and SC:Ghost. English
The Ghost's Web Page Scghst1's homepage. It's mainly a modding site. English
Starcraft University You'll find a lot of strategies here. English
ZergCraft VODs and Replays can be found at this site. English
RTSC StarCraft This is a Real Time Strategy Carnage, when you can find out everything about your favorite RTS game, be it sc,Age of Empires, Rise of Nations,etc. English
Starcraft Central Former Starsite affiliate. While not being updated anymore, SC still is up and you can find its content like always. English
Starcraft Compendium Blizzard's Starcraft info site. Races, buildings, strategies maps,etc. English
SC Alianza Renovated sc portal with spanish content. Spanish
SC:Ghost Official site What you want about the upcoming sc title: Screenshots, movies, wallpapers,etc. English
Zero Tech Hosting Buy Starcraft, Diablo and CounterStrike accounts and servers. English
UQM en espanol New! (not related to starcraft) This is the project I command that intends to translate the game "Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters" to the spanish language. Spanish
Image gallery of CR New! (not related to starcraft) Images, pictures and landscapes from Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina. Spanish
Powefuente New! (not related to starcraft) Image gallery of power supplies. Spanish




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