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Programs/tools/other stuff.

Program Description Size
ScmDraft Alternative map editor with lot of interesting features. Created by Suicidial Insanity 518Kb
Starforge Another map editor. 1.15Mb
SCXE Starcraft Extra Editor. By General Mengsk 5.4Mb
scmjpeg Makes a jpeg image of a map preview 173Kb
ISOM Program used to create square terrain. Currently unused, since Scmdraft can handle this. 310Kb
Resources x kills triggers Creates the resources for kills triggers for you 39Kb
Staredit assistant SEA,a very useful program to calculate the time of a conversation. 210Kb
Scmtoolkit Third party program,it has several utilities that Staredit does not have. For example,you can resize a map, change the player's colors,place stuck minerals spots and so on. Scmdraft and Starforge can most of this thing. Quite outdated. 80kb
GUEdit 3.6a Pretty much the same than Scmtoolkit, it has the same tools and other stuff.It can also protect maps. Scmdraft and Starforge can most of this thing. Quite outdated.
Requires Java Runtime Files
MPQviewer Simple program used to view and extract the sc files from the .MPQs. If you want something more advanced,then use WinMPQ 181Kb
WinMPQ One of the best programs to open MPQ.These files are used by Blizzard as zip files,there are in them all the files of sc,smk,chk,pcx ect. Yeah,MPQviewer can do it too,but WinMPQ is more complete,contains more functions,better design,etc.
Don't forget to download the required files.
MPQ Draft Program that patches starcraft. You need to use it for modding. 14Kb
Arsenal Basic modding tool. Edits .dats files. 269kb
Retrogrp This program can read the .grp files (graphics) and convert them to .bmps so you can edit them and then compile the .bmps to .grp again. 269Kb
RAD video tools Open animated .smks, such as portraits. 1.2Mb
Alternative link
Program used to edit scripts. 366Kb
TBL pad Edits .tbl files 14Kb
Memgraft The successor of StarGraft. 281Kb
Space Edit
Alternative link
Mod program created by Suicidial Insanity.It lets you customize the space background. 100Kb
ScAIEdit Create or modify AI scripts for the computer. Opens the aiscript.bin . 2.35Mb
SC sound utility Extract all sounds from Starcraft 87Kb
BW sound utility The same as above but for Brood War. 103Kb
StarCraft cursors Pack of Starcraft cursor for windows 14Kb
SC fonts The Starcraft fonts in .gifs 32Kb
Starcraft tilefont Another type of sc fonts in .gifs. 91Kb
BWChart V. 1.03D New version of BWChart. This tool opens a replay file(.rep),analyzes it and shows you statistics of the played game.How many units did the players create,how many resources,actions,etc.
The newest version incorporates more features, such as an animated map, a replay browser, akas, as well as new statistics.
Very useful,and it is easy to use.
Official site: http://www.bwchart.com
Starcraft font This is the .ttf of the starcraft font. You can use it by placing it inside the "Fonts" folder of your OS 19kb
Battle.net Gateway Editor A tool used to edit the servers list and add the servers you want. 463kb
SC in windows mode This is the program which lets you run starcraft in windows mode. Very useful when you're testing maps or just want to watch a replay without going full screen :)
Works on 1.11b but some bugs were reported.It also supports other games (i.e:WC)
File taken from STAREDIT,therefore you can find the program in SEN's downloads database too.
Sc patch installer Makes easier and faster to apply sc patches from 1.08 to 1.14
Great for watching old replays or playing mods that only work under certain versions.
, In addition, it instal the penguin plugin for sc.
BwAI Tired of those stupid machines? Want a challegne? Well, this program will let you use several different ai scripts thus making computers super gosus players! 2.4Mb




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