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Contact Me

Information about me and the website

My Email: This is my email! Click me!

My ICQ number: 118267056

My AOL Screen name: Volka00

My MSN email account: My email,the same as above
I usually use my nick Volka.


Affiliate with me:

Affiliated sites share a link,an image or banner that links with each other,so your visitors will be my visitors and vice versa.The benefits?Well,it's pretty clear,more hits more people,more traffic...more money?
So you're interested in affiliating with me?So Contact Me! and we will talk about it.
However,due to the amount of affiliation requests I'll have to be more exigent with the websites that wish to affiliate with me,here there are some requirements,in no particular order:

    -Webpage/site exclusively devoted to Starcraft.
    -Reasonable number of visits and/or hits (wait! I like to help smaller sites the same way I like to be helped by bigger sites)
    -The content,the layout,the writing,spelling
    -More specific about the content,it must have something original,something new and made by the staff. Or the website could be focused on something,like maps,replays,etc but not only stuff taken from other sites.
    -Free of hacks.
    -Regularly updated. Nobody likes dead sites,but I ain't asking for a daily update ok?
    -Nice Webmaster and Staff. They should be good boys =)
    -Copyright within the website must be respected. Whichever it could be;maps,strategies,articles,etc.
    -The language. Don't expect I'll affiliate with a chinese site! As long as it has an english version,or what it could be better,a spanish version,it's all right.
    -I'd prefer sites that are not indirectly linked with mine Ex: Both sites are subscribed in the same SC top ten list or something like that,or the site is affiliated with one of mine affiliates.

Note:These conditions may be modified or suffer some change at any time.

Advice: Take into account that these conditions may sometimes be broken,that is,it's not that a site must follow the conditions entirely,I can be flexible. Let's say there are not conditions,but preferences. So don't be disappointed ;)

Who's HELLSS;and Sage?

Well,HELLSS,or teh hellss as I'm used to call him, is the person who made this layout.He kindly allowed me to use it,without charge.I'm very grateful with him.He's an excellent person...Blek
The other guy who I am very grateful with is Sage,he's one of the administrators of Custom Creations,my host.He gave me this space to set up my page,and he also made the php stuff of the news posts,every time I request his help,he's there.
In addition,I would like to thank everybody on CuC,thank to all who made this possible and specially to you,visitor,thanks.
Woah,that was really cursy!

The history of the site so far:

This site isn't that old,but I can tell you a little of its history.
The first time this page opened was,if I remember well, in 2000,middle 2000.But it didn't last too much:A month.Lol,it was very very crappy.It name was Starcraft Site very ingenious gee and now is Starsite,wow,silly name.

The current site,called Starsite,opened on April 20,2002.It didn't have much,but it was a page.Now,and finally,the actual page,re launched with the hellss' layout some day in January 2003.The site has seen many hosts,at least 4 different hosts.The first was Topcities,the last and current host,Custom Creations.

Why your site is in english and spanish??

Well that's because my native language is spanish, since I live in Argentina!
I wanted my site to be open to anyone, so all the content is also in english, in case you don't know spanish. However, Argentinians, Mexicans and Spanish wouldn't be very confortable.
It's such a hard work to write and do everything in two different languages, it's like doing all twice. Translating texts is really boring but I do what I can =)

Submitting your stuff

You're free to send any thing you consider it'll be valuable for the site.
If what you send is good enough, I'd gladly it accept it and host it, whatever it may be: a map, a replay, a screenshoot, a mod,etc.
Something I'd like to clarify is that I won't accept stolen stuff or things that belong to other people (ie: copyrighted stuff).It is supposed you made it, so it's yours. Don't send things that don't belong to you.
Of course,you'll get credit for you submissions: name, e-mail and/or homepage.
Just e-mail if you have something for me ;)

Staff openings

While I'm not actively looking for staff, I'm not closed to get people at all.
If you're interested in helping me with the site then make sure you reach this requirements:

-Must speak and/or write both english and spanish languages (my site is bilingual ya know!)
-Must be extremely reliable and responsible
-Must have minimum knowledge about html coding and page making
-Must NOT be a moron!

The second point is the most important; I must know the guy very well before accepting him as staff. Other thing: I don't want inactive staff, I mean, I want guys that move and create things.
Anyway, if you think you could be useful as staff, get in touch with me.




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