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Starcraft Story:The Terran

The Terran:

Around half of century 22th The Earth,the Terran homeworld,was corrupted by the political forces,internal wars,the over population and the contamination.
The new technologies, such as the clonation,mutation and the cibernetics implants were totally rejected by those defenders of the humanity who disagreed with these technologies and took to the humanity to a chaos generalized in a battered and super populated Earth.
So a new organization was founded,the UPL(United Powers League) that will take charge putting order to the desperate situation.The UPL carried out a big purification on Earth,by killing all those persons whom were considered dangerous for the humanity,the oppressive regime of the UDL kept under control Earth for a couple of years.

During a series of experiments made with prisoners, a scientist,Doran Routhe,planned to send ships with humans in them in cryo-hybernation status,asleep.
The ships took off and headed towards a far away planet to colonize,but a row of damages prevented the ships to reach this objective.
Anyway,the ships voyaged in the space for decades,until,without more energy each one landed on different planets.
The first ship successfully landed on Umoja,the other ship on Moria and the last one on the Tarsonis planet.
The humans that where asleep on the ships,woke up from their long rest and prospered in those planets,they reproduced,colonized other planets,they discovered new technologies,etc,but separate each one of them, each one in their planet.

Due to the new technologies,such as the warp gate speed, the groups of humans discovered themselves.The forces of Tarsonis,the biggest, formed a Confederation,The Terran Confederates.Many conflicts and wars started to take place between them.
Then,Khoral,one of the best and greatest colonies of The Confederates,rebelled and big a conflict begun.The war didn't last too much,since The Confederates decided to nuke all the planet with nuclear bombs.The result was disastrous.Almost all form of life on the planet had been exterminated.

Arcturus Mengsk,to revenge and combat against the Confederates, formed a terrorist revolutionary group known as Sons of Khoral.The group soon acquired fame for its revolts, but it also acquired a bad reputation diffused by The Confederates.
In the middle of the war,an alien fleet,The Protoss,invaded and attacked the Chau Sara's colonies,destroying everything.
However,strangely after the attacks,the alien force retreated,but soon another alien force,the Zerg,invaded the Terran Colonies.The Terran,weakened by the internal war and conflicts between them,couldn't hold the invasion.

The Terran Campaign:

Here is where the Terran campaign starts.You,with Raynor and Mengsk must hold Zerg invasion.Jim Raynor joined Mengsk in the Sons of Khoral to fight against the alien invasions and The Confederates.
Sarah Kerrigan,second on command of the Sons of Khoral will help you in the duty.This girl has a dark past,she was victim of illegal experiments and mutations with the Zerg,then Mengsk rescued her from the hands of the evil Confederates' scientists.But later she is captured by the Zerg,so then she becomes Infested Kerrigan.

During the course of the Campaign,you'll see the two faces of Mengsk,according to him,The Zerg are a tool of The Confederates to exterminate them,because the Psi Emitters manufactured by The Confederates were able to attract the Zerg,with psi signals. However, this was not true, since the Zerg invaded the Terran's colonies by they own will.

The Terran Brood War Campaign:

In the Brood War Terran campaign,now you're with the UED(United Earth Directorate),under the orders of Admiral Dugalle and the Vice Admiral Stukov.
The UED has came from Earth to conquer the Mengsk's territories,his empire, and to control the Zerg.That's what you'll have to do.
At the end,Khoral is dominated and Mengsk is forced to escape.

During the course of the Campaign,a new character,Duran,shows up.This mysterious character discourages the Admiral to destroy the Psi Disrupter.
Such artifact is able to interrupt the Zerg psi signals and control the swarm.However,Stukov realizes what Duran was doing and fortunately could avoid Duran to destroy the Psi Disrupter,but later Stukov is killed by Duran, with the approval and under the orders of the Admiral,his own friend.
With the Psi Disrupter under its power,the UED captures and neutralizes The Overmind,also taking control of Char.

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