What's your first impression about SC2?

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  Looks promising


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Lag,one of the most hated things by the players around the world,this article will be focus on the starcraft lag.
I'll begin to try to define what is lag.Well,lag is in fact, a delay between computer's communications,an annoying delay that causes that many games become slow.Everything becomes low,it makes the game impossible to play.
The lag,unbeatable enemy of the players.

But curiously,those who causes the lag are the own players.
The lag is normal,every player has a lag,only that some players have a lot of lag,and others less lag,this depends of several factors,which will be detailed next.

Why do I have lag?

-The connection:
Lag can be caused by several reasons,but undoubtedly what can impact severely on your lag is the type of connection you have.Let me explain.
If you have a slow connection,a typical 32Kb dial-up,you will possibly have much lag,simply because you receive and send information slowly.On the other hand,if you have an ADSL connection,very fast,you will surely have less lag than a dial-up user.
But there are other things that can cause your high lag.

-Your computer:

Guys,be reasonable,no matter how faster could your ADSL access be,if you have an old,miserable and specially slow computer you will lag without doubt.
You're lucky,Starcraft doesn't require an over powerful computer to work,but your lag could be high anyway for the same reason.
But suppose you've got a good computer and a fast connection,but you still lag a lot,so why do you lag that much? It can be produced by the programs you are running,the OS,the programs you're running in background,what are you doing:the Antivirus scanning the system,you chatting with AOL,the 40 pages you have open,the Download Acellerator downloading 4 files at the same time....etc.Everything consumes RAM,makes the CPU to work, and worst,it consumes the bandwidth.

-The Server:

Do you connect to the battle.net with the help of some external programs,such as FSGS?Be careful,and choose a good server,overloaded servers and bad servers may affect on your lag.

Why my game is so lagged?

You start the game and the game just begins to stop,you can't even send the SCV to gather.The lag is unbearable...
Keep this in mind: More players playing a game equal more lag,for that reason,if you have a lot of lag,only try to play 1 on 1 matches.
If you created a super match 4vs4, on an UMS of 256x256 with a lot of units and other stuff,don't expect good results,unless you're playing in a local network(LAN).The maximum number of players you could have on a game are 4,with a bit of luck,you will play without too much lag.

How can I know the lag of the players?

Actually,I don't know of any program capable of really measuring the lag,even though I've never look for one,they're not necessary.
The simplest way to know the player's lag is to pay attention to the lag bar of each player.
If it's green,means the player has little of lag.
If it's yellow it means the player has pretty much lag.
And if it's red means the player has a lot of lag.

Curiously,you can see your own lag bar while you are in a channel,but when you join a match chat room your lag bar is not available,so if you want to check your lag you'll have to ask to somebody else.
Some servers include a command that lets you check your lag in number,the command is usually something like "/p Nickname", "/lag Nickname" or "/ping Nickname" .

Lag discrimination:

A typical case:"I join in a game and they just ban me as soon as I join,I can't even say hello!,I don't insult anybody,I do nothing,but they ban me anyway".
The reality is that many hosts(those who creates the games) discriminates the players not only for their status,now they ban players with a lot of lag,simply the don't want laggy players to lag the whole game,it's something understandable.

Increase Latency,what does it do?

If during a multiplayer game you go to the main menu and select Network you will see 3 options:

Bla bla bla
Low latency
High latency
Extra high latency
or something like that

It's difficult to explain,and I'm not an expert,but in short,latency is the time of retrieval time,more latency,more retrieval time and less lag.
If a game is very,very lagged you can try by increasing the latency.You will realize that the orders and command you give to your units will be retarded,but it's possible that the lag will be reduced a little.
If it is not necessary,then try to keep a low latency,specially because it's very annoying.But there are always those idiots who immediately changes the latency to the highest when the match starts,and even more,they repeat it hundreds of times,flooding the screen with player x has adjusted the latency to bla bla bla.What they don't know is that one time is enough,the latency is changed for every player in the game,there is no need to repeat the operation.
And if with the highest latency the lag is still unbearable,say bye bye and leave the game before the 2 minutes since the game started,so the game is counted as draw in the status,otherwise it will be counted as a lost.

F4:True or false:

Have you ever been in a chat room downloading the map and the other players told you to press F4?
It's a lie.You press F4 and F4,and nothing happens,it's a myth,the F4 button doesn't do anything,it doesn't speed up,ignore those morons that want to convince you to press that key.
Even more,there are some evil people that persuade you to press ALT + F4 (Closes Starcraft...)

Some tips to deal with Lag:

The answer for those who have a slow and old computer is obviously to buy a newer one!!!

-Ok ok seriously.If your computer is extremely slow you should at least upgrade some components(RAM,hard disks) of your computer.

-Try to close all the programs as you can that are running in your pc,including those that are running in background mode (Ctrl+alt +del) before playing on the battle.net,specially AOL or other chat programs that you may be using at that time,they take bandwidth,that's bad.

-Keep some of free RAM,with some special software,such as Rambooster.

-If a game is very lagged,do not chat!that produces lag too!

-In extreme cases,disable game music,animated portraits,etc,so starcraft won't eat that much resources.

-You have a lot of lag?if so,try to only play 1vs1 games(more players=more lag)

Following this tips,and with a bit of luck,you'll enjoy the life without lag....no....wait...what...what the hell am I saying?