What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work






Doing all fast: hotkeys in the sc layout

Hotkeys in sc are VERY important for making the management of units a lot easier and to improve your skills.
Everything in Starcraft has a hotkey assigned: units, buildings, spells, buttons,etc.

The layout of the game is also designed to be used with hotkeys, specially for those who are too impatient to being clicking buttons and buttons.
Sure you've seen them, they're the remarked letter of the button. Now it's time you use them. You can save a important amount of click and therefore time.

Examples? Okay:
The fastest way to play a Custom map: After opening Starcraft, just press S (Single player) + E(Expansion,if you're using Original, then O) + O (Ok) + U (Play Custom)

Protoss campaign:

The hotkeys of the most used buttons:

Ok O
Single Player S
Multiplayer M
Exit X
Campaign Editor C
Expansion E
Original O
Cancel C
Load Game L
Load Replay R
Play Custom U
Protoss Campaign P
Terran Campaign T
Zerg Campaign Z

As you can observe, the hot keys is usually the first letter of the word, though not always. But it's not that hard to remember.
After awhile, with some practise, you'll learn to hit the combination of keys very quickly, without even thinking about it.




Last revision: 06/24/17