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Battle.net Commands

A good Starcraft player knows that the battle.net has commands,necessaries for the communication between players,they are essential and you must know them,well,not all of them,but at least the most used.To use them,just write them in the text box,but the message is private.There are several commands,next,a list with each one of them.

The colored with blue is modifiable

Command Action Example
/w user message Sends a private message,only he/she will be able to see it. /w Charly hi,how are you?
/m user message The same. /m Charly what's up?
/who channel Shows the users online in a channel,useful if you want to call other players from a created game. /who USA
/mail user text Sends a private message to an offline user,he will receive it when he goes online,like an email. /mail charly see ya at 8:00
/time Shows the local time in the battle.net. /time
/stats user Shows you the status of the selected user. /stats charly
/help command Shows some of help of the selected command. /help /time
/whois user Will show you the basic info of the player. /whois charly
/whoami Shows your personal info. /whoami
/ignore user To ignore annoying people. /ignore charly
/unignore user To unignore the no longer annoying people. /unignore charly
/away text like ICQ,you write a message and when other players try to send you message,they'll be warned. /away I´m busy now
/dnd text Do not disturb,you know,the same. /dnd I'm sleeping
/users Shows the users online on the battle.net server. /users
/join channel Use this to join a channel without going to the channel list. /join USA
/me text Shows a special message,like feelings /me I'm sad

Hint:It is not necessary to write the user's nick with capital letters,instead of putting Charly,you can write it as charly,it's the same.

Also,it's common to use some expressions and/or abbreviations to avoid writing long words,here you have a few:

gg:Means Good Game,at the end of a match,when you win or lose,(mostly lose) you use it to express that the game was great,that you had fun;the loser accepts the defeat.

hf:Have fun!

go:It's an expression used exaggeratedly by some players when the game is going to start,some players are very annoying with this(googogogooggooo)

gl:Means Good Luck.

ac: Means Ally Chat.Your ally wants you to select ally chat in the ally status box (so your enemies won't be able to read what you are telling to your ally)

dk:It's used during a game, and means Dark Templars






lks:Not very used,but means Lurkers




Last revision: 06/24/17