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How to play allied with the computers

Thanks to the adding of support to Local Area Network (UDP-type) in patch 1.08 it is possible to play together with computers against computers without even being connected to anything. (In certain cases,it may work by the same way on the "Direct Cable Connection").
This is actually an old trick already,probably many of you have heard about it.

Since it is not possible to select a type of game in a Custom match that allows to play with computers as allies, (something certainly unusual,or at least weird) it will be necessary to appeal to less conventional methods.
Actually,there are a couple of ways to have the computers in the human's side.For example,by creating or opening an UMS map,modifying the status of alliances,set triggers,etc. But of course,this ends to be very complicated,because it would be necessary to modify each existing melee map,plus there are limits.
It can also be accomplished through battle.net,but that obviously implicates to be connected to a server and well,it is not the best option either.
Hence, this trick is the best way, in singular mode, to play together with computers as allies.
This is the procedure you should follow:

1.Start BW, go to Multiplayer and select the Local Area Network/Red de Área Local (UDP) item.

2.When you enter there,you will be asked to write an Identification (ID). You can use your nick. It isn't really important.

3.Once you write an ID,the next step is to create a game. You shouldn't be able to see any game in the list,because you are not connect to the network. Click over Create Game.

4. Select a map,then the game type (only comp. can be used in Top vs Button; Melee; Team Melee/Free for All, the number of players and finally the speed of the game (Fastest is recommended)

5. After created the map,it will show up the normal battle.net screen,when you pick up the players. It is there when you must select in the slots the option of Computer> player

And that's all.Of course,the game won't be the same of a single player game. You won't be able to insert cheats...you must pause the game...ah and you can't change the alliance status.
Besides,the allied computers...aren't particularly cooperative. If you're being attacked,the computers will occasionally react and send some units...but don't expect much of them. The best thing you can do is to join to their attacks,to strengthen the attack force. Or you may want to attack by yourselves and see what happens..

In the end,playing together with computers has nothing out of a normal play,but perhaps it could be an enjoyable new experience.

Last revision: 06/24/17