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Spells/Special abilities in Starcraft

The spells of each race described with high detail.
Use the list to learn about them. They're an important part of the Starcraft gameplay,and they can be the difference between the victory or the defeat.


Disruption Web

The special ability of the BW Protoss unit is able to literally sleep any unit/building that is affected by it. It's extremely useful to pass heavy-defended sectors. You can,for example,disrupt Bunkers,Spore/Sunken Colonies,Photon Cannons,groups of Siege Tanks,etc. Though the effect lasts just awhile,you can send the Corsairs to apply the spell meanwhile you're invading the zone. Avoid using frontal units(Zealots,DTs) in Disruption Web attacks,since they will be disrupted when attacking the buildings under the effect as well.It's less effective in defense,but you can sleep Dragoons or Hydralisks when they're attacking,for instance.

Energy Cost: 125 Research at: Fleet Beacon (200M 200G)
Unit: Corsair Hot key: D


Hate those Medics healing the Marines? Don't have detection for the Arbiter cloaking field? Want to deal with those annoying High Templars? Well this spell can be a solution for that things,and more. The Feedback uses the energy of an enemy unit to cause damage to that unit(and besides it'll make lose the energy) In most cases it will kill the unit,but this doesn't have to be like that. If your HT's bar is at 5,the Feedback will only cause 5 of damage,it won't kill the unit since there's not enough amount of energy to accomplish that. Take advantage of its great range of application.

Energy Cost: 50 Research at: Enabled by default.
Unit: Dark Archon Hot key: F


The spell lets you create a sort of image of any unit. The hallucinated unit looks like a normal one for the enemy,but it doesn't really cause damage. It can be used as a cheap way of exploring and scouting. But the best strategy is to create a group of hallucinations and send them in front of the real units when attacking. So the enemy will attack the fake units first,and your real units will be able to attack and won't get damaged. Also,you can use them to make a sort of diversion in a particular zone while your real units attack in other place. This spell will also make the enemy to think you have a lot of units. After a minute of so,the hallucinated unit will just vanish. The same will happen if the unit is destroyed or if it's affect by a spell(ie: Psi Storm)

Energy Cost: 100 Research at: Templar Archives (150M 150G)
Unit: High Templar Hot key: L


The Protoss Dark Archon can use this spell to immobilize any biological unit for a certain period of time. So the units affected by this cast cannot move nor attack. However,they can be attacked by enemy units. This spell is specially useful against Zerg,since they're all biological units. Together with the Psi Storm cast,the Maelstrom is the key to neutralize the Zerg's attacks.

Energy Cost: 100 Research at: Templar Archives (100M 100G)
Unit: Dark Archon Hot key: E

Mind Control

The name says it all. You can gain permanent control of any,and I mean any enemy unit. So the affected unit is now yours. What can you do with this special ability? Well,you can't capture enemy units in great number,since the cost of casting is very high. The best thing you can do is to use it to catch other races' worker units( SCVs,Drones). What for? So you can use another race. In addition, if you aren't very busy,you can bother the enemy by stealing,for example,his Overlords.

Energy Cost: 150 + the shields of the DA Research at: Templar Archives (200M 200G)
Unit: Dark Archon Hot key: C

Psi Storm

This spell is the main reason why High Templars exist. In my opinion,the most useful spell of the Protoss (at least). When launched,the storm can cause a vastly damage to any unit under it. That includes your units too!. Though the Psi Storm damage was reduced in patch 1.08,it's still lethal when used several times.And the best of all is,probably,that it's only 75 mana,so a full upgraded HT can cast it 3 times in a row. Use it against everything. It's very good both for attacking and defending.

Energy Cost: 75 Research at: Templar Archives (200M 200G)
Unit: High Templar Hot key: T


You can plan excellent strategies with this spell. What does it do? Well you should already know it: it "recalls" units from a position to the position of the Arbiter. IE: you can rescue your units from a battlefield,or even better,you can try to infiltrate a Arbiter inside the enemy's base and recall combat units.

Energy Cost: 150 Research at: Arbiter Tribunal (150M 150G)
Unit: Arbiter Hot key: R

Stasis Field

After being researched,this spell can be used to freeze up units. The units(enemies,allied or own ones) are unable to move,attack or be attacked.You can't even communicate with them. So the better thing you can do is leave them there until the freeze is over. Cast this spell when you find yourself overwhelmed by enemy units,freeze a couple of them,so you can take a break and strengthen your defenses.

Energy Cost: 100 Research at: Arbiter Tribunal (150M 150G)
Unit: Arbiter Hot key: T

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