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StarCraft II

What can be said about StarCraft II that hasn't been said before?
Starcraft was and actually is a great hit of Blizzard, a really kick-ass game, which it keeps as good and as popular as it was 7 years ago.It is still strong after so many years. Then it's somehow logic that a continuation of the game shows up, you know, like the most successful movies do.
The world of Starcraft is so vast and rich that it clearly gives chances for a new title,I'd even say that there's material for doing an expansion for sc2. By now, it's obvious that the releasing of sc2 would be a big success and Blizzard would make quite a profit of it.

The question of all fan is,then, why haven't they done it yet??

Well, we can find some possible reasons

-This delay is just a company's marketing strategy, so that the game gets old and out dated and then they re launch it with a continuation.

-Blizzard is a relative small company, and even though it has grown a lot during these years, the progress on making games is pretty slow. In fact, they can only work on one or two projects at the same time.

-Every game Blizzard has launched has been a success, that's the case of Warcraft,Diablo and of course, Starcraft. Blizzard chose to continue the success of its games, and they picked out Warcraft, with the making of Warcraft III and World of Warcraft. Maybe now it'll be Starcraft's turn.

-They decided to make SC:Ghost before, so that that game could be used as a link between the two titles, to prepare the fans for the arriving of sc2. But how come sc:ghost won't be available for PC?

-Starcraft 2 is being developed, but under strict secret and cover up. It's a possibility, but pretty unlikely though.

-Blizzard wants to make Sc2 a very complex and spectacular game that they need to get business parters and help from other video games companies, and that takes time, as well as money.

I personally believe that Starcraft2 will eventually come to us, maybe in a few years, maybe it won't be developed by Blizzard, perhaps it'll stink, but I think it's going to be launched.
Here you can find out about some little hints or clues that Blizzard has given about the making of sc2:

Blizzard's FAQ
"We have not announced any current plans for StarCraft II. We are all very close to the worlds and characters we created in the original game and the expansion set and while we do intend to revisit that universe, we have no plans to do so at this time."
As they say, they're not developing sc2 and they don't plan to do it right now.However, there's some hope since they tell us that they do want to revisit the starcraft world. Maybe they will making sc2.
See source

Several interviews with Blizzard's employees
A frequently asked question in interviews with Bill Roper (he was a former worker at Blizzard) is about starcraft2.
And he always replies mostly the same. He says that all you heard are rumors, that they're not currently making sc2 but that they do fully intend to revisit starcraft world once they have finished all their current projects.

It is a fact that Blizzard owns this domain.Maybe this doesn't mean anything certain, but they probably do it to protect the copyright (this way other company or a fan won't be able to buy and use that domain) But well,at least it's something encouraging, after all, the Diablo3.com domain is still available ;)

BW bonus level
This is certainly intriguing due to any other game of Blizzard has something like this. Besides, what it is said in the level could be interpreted as an introduction for the sc2 story, maybe they wanted to open a door for the sc2 and prepare the path for a continuation in the storyline.
Here you can download the bonus level, without sounds. You're welcome ;)

Starcraft units in WC III
When WarCraft III:Reign of Chaos was finally at the stores, the fans soon discovered that in the game Blizzard has left some easter eggs.What are these? Starcraft units such as the Marine,the Zergling and the Hydralisk can be found hidden in some levels.
They certainly did it for fun,but it's somewhat odd don't you think? Didn't they want to tell us something?
For for information and pics:Sclegacy

Let's go to the obvious thing. Not doing Starcraft2 would be stupid if you think about money, since the original version and the expansion set were both a success, calling off a continuation would be huge mistake.
Companies want to earn money, that's what they work for, and starcraft is a gold mine. It actually keeps generating profits, believe or not it still sells out copies everywhere around the world and the battle.net is always full of players (though they're all newbs lol!)

What conclusion we can get from all this? Well, it's very probable that starcraft2 will be made, and I personally think it will, soon or late it will. You can be quite sure of that.
Guess we only have to wait!




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