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StarCraft's heroes

Kerrigan,Duran,Zeratul,Raynor,Artanis,Mengsk,Duke,Fenix...all these are heroes,they're special characters of sc,more powerful than the others units.Generally,it is considered a hero to an unit when it's much more powerful and stronger than the normal units where they come from (i.e: Zeratul comes from a Dark Templar).They are approximately twice as powerful,some times the triple, than the normal units.

Even though they are very strong,they are not invincible,and in most missions the first objective is to keep alive the hero,sometimes it's better to keep him/her away from the battle,or watch it closely,because if he dies,you lose.I just keep them far of the focus of the battle,protecting a small area together with other units
Ok enough talk. Here you have a list with the heroes and some info about them:

Note: Blue means StarCraft character and Red means Brood War character.

James Raynor

He is one of the first heroes that shows up in the Starcraft saga. Great fighter, worked along with Mengsk, the Protoss and even with Kerrigan,but when he was betrayed, he swore revenge.

Race: Terran Age: 29
Rank: Former Colonial Marshal/Command in the Sons of Khoral Status: Alive

Arcturus Mengsk

Mengsk, facing his world Khoral in ruins after the nuclear attack of the confederates,which destroyed almost all life in the planet,including Mengsk's family, decided to create a terrorist and revolutionary group to fight against the Confederates,called Sons of Khoral.Raynor joined him in his fight against The Confederates. When he finally consolidated his power in Khoral with a formidable armies, in Brood war the UED comes and destroys his domains.
Even when he initially fought for a cause, he became corrupted as his willing of power grew up and made him evil.

Race: Terran Age: 38
Rank: Former Confederate Prospector/Leader of the Sons of Korhal Status: Alive

Sarah Kerrigan

Mengsk rescued her while she was being used for hybrid's experiments,so she joined to Sons of Khoral.During one of the Terran's missions she is captured by the Zerg and infested,now she is Infested Kerrigan.

Race: Terran Age: 27
Rank: 2nd in Command of the Sons of Korhal/Former Confederate Assassin Status: Infested

Infested Kerrigan

The Overmind gave her new life as an special agent of the swarm, but she betrayed the Overmind and separated of it. Intelligent, treacherous and specially evil. The Queen of Blades.

Race: Human/Hybrid Zerg Age: 27
Rank: Queen of Blades/Assassin Status: Alive

Edmund Duke

Confederate General.He became Mengsk's ally when he was rescued from the Zerg by the Sons of Khoral .During the Brood War Zerg campaign he's killed by Kerrigan.

Race: Terran Age: 53
Rank: Alpha Squadron Division/Confederate General Status: Dead


One of my favorites Protoss heroes.The Conclave ordered him to burn the infested(by the Zergs) Terran worlds,but he disobey his orders,this brought him problems with the Conclave. He was trying to find Zeratul,to learn how to kill the Cerebrates and the Overmind definitely.In the final battle,he sacrificed himself to destroy the Overmind.

Race: Protoss Age: 356
Rank: Executor of the Koprulu Expedition Status: Dead


Old leader of the Dark Templar, the exiles ones. When he showed up to his brothers,he was rejected, but later became an important character.

Race: Protoss Age: 634
Rank: Praetor of the Dark Templar/Assassin / Adventurer Status: Alive


The first Protoss hero you meet in the campaign.He was killed during a battle in Antioch,but he could recover and his body was transferred to a Dragoon body.He worked along with Raynor and with Kerrigan too,but this costed him the life,he was killed definitely by Kerrigan.

Race: Protoss Age: 399
Rank: Preator of the Protoss Defense Forces/High Templar Status: Dead


Aldaris is one of the Conclave's Judicator,always loyal to them. He hates the Dark Templars.In brood war,he's killed by Kerrigan,when he betrays to the Matriarch.

Race: Protoss Age: 740
Rank: Advisor to Koprulu Expeditionary Force/Judicator Status: Dead


Brave young preator. He together with Zeratul and The Matriarch searched for the Uraj and Khalis crystals to free Shakuras of the Zerg.

Race: Protoss Age: 262
Rank: Praetor Status: Alive


The Admiral of the UED.Under his command Mengsk's empire in Khoral is destroyed and the Overmind is controlled.But after Kerrigan's counterattack the UED is destroyed and he commits suicide.

Race: Terran Age: 64
Rank: UED Admiral Status: Dead

Alexi Stukov

Vice Admiral of the UED.He always thought that Duran was a traitor,and he avoided the Psi Disrupter to be destroyed by him.But he was killed by Dugalle,his own friend.

Race: Terran Age: 52
Rank: UED Vice Admiral Status: Dead

Samir Duran

He worked with Dugalle and Stukov in several missons,then he is infested or sort of and became Kerrigan's servant. This character is just too mysterious (see Secret Level of BW...)

Race: Terran Age: 33
Rank: Former Confederate Operative/Special Advisor of the UED Status: Infested


The Matriarch of the Dark Templars. She appears in Brood war (first Protoss female I saw woot!) In the Zerg campaign, she is captured by Kerrigan to bring Zeratul to her,Zeratul,fearing that his Matriarch was infested, killed her.

Race: Protoss Age: 1045
Rank: Matriarch of the Dark Templars Status: Dead




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