What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work







This article will just teach you the cheats.

To activate the cheats,you have to press the Enter key,write the cheat,and hit Enter again.
You can write the cheats using lower case,capital letters or both,starcraft is not case sensitive.

Cheat What it does
Black sheep wall Reveals all the map.
Power overwhelming Simply...the God mode.
The gathering unlimited mana.
Operation Cwal Instant building
There is no cow level Pass the level.
Show me the money 10000 of minerals and gas.
Staying alive You'll never lose (The game will continue even if all your units are destroyed)
Whats mine is mine 500 of ore (minerals duh!)
Breathe deep 500 of gas.
Modify the phase variance Enable all the buildings
Medieval man All upgrades free.
Food for thought Allows you building units without supply.
Something for nothing Gives all upgrades
War aint what used to be Disable the fog of war
Game over man You instantly lose the game.
Ophelia To skip a level,just write ophelia and the number of the level that you want to play.
Noglues You don't allow the enemies to cast spells.
Radio free zerg Type and you'll listen an special song...Attention!SC:BW only. You must be playing with the Zerg and the music must be enabled (Control+M)