What's your first impression about SC2?

  It's GREAT!!!

  Looks promising


  Needs a lot of work






Hello! You've arrived to StarSite. Here you will find diverse content about Starcraft. This website is no longer updated, but I'd like to leave it here as it is, to remember the good old times. I would like to thank to each person that contributed to the cause, and made StarSite what it was (and is!). Though much of the content is outdated, I hope you find it interesting. Thank you!

The Penius Station map May 2021
Hello there! I've been working for a while on a new version of my installation map. Finally decided to release it. It has a plenty of sound effects and even music (that's why is a little heavy). Hope it gives you a challange! You can download it here (26 MB). Enjoy!